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About Us

MolySOFT is a private IT consultancy based in the UK specialising in providing performance consultancy services to our clients. These services currently consist of the following:


  - Performance Testing
  - Performance Trouble-Shooting
  - Performance Due Diligence

  - Application Peformance Monitoring (APM) Implementation. Configuration and Management

The company principal, Ian Molyneaux, has over 35 years experience in IT and is a published author on application performance testing best practice.  Ians book "The Art of Application Performance Testing", available from  publishers O'Reilly, was first released in January 2009 followed by a second edition in late 2014 in partnership with friend and colleague Larry Haig who specialises in FEO. A further updated edition is planned for release in the third quarter of 2016.

Ian also speaks at many IT events and works in an advisory capacity with a number of leading performance testing  and APM tool vendors.